Preceding technology determines the yield of the semiconductor process

National key industries

  • Project goals
    Cultivation of materials
    in the areas of automobile,
    petrochemicals and nuclear
    power generation
  • Anticipated duration of project
    Jan. 1, 2019 ~ Dec. 31, 2021
Execution plan

Utilize semiconductor and advanced products technologies on enhancement of national capabilities and localization resources

  • 1st STEP (Period: 2019~2020)

    Market survey

    Employment of relevant manpower

    Establish DB for
    each company

    Sale & Marketing

    Collaboration with relevant research institutes

    Cultivate competitiveness

  • 2nd STEP (Period: 2020~2021)

    Automobile engine room O-ring

    Petrochemical joint seal O-ring

    O-ring for high temperature in ships

    High value added seal O-ring for automobile

    Petrochemical seal

    High valued added seal O-ring for nuclear power generation

  • 3rd STEP (Period: 2021)

    Secure research personnel

    Strengthen research technology marketing

    Strengthen testing
    & analysis functions

    Develop intellectual property rights

    Employ on-site technicians

    Secure independent technologies