Always makes customer’s happiness our future value

CEO Message

대표이사 김만호 사진
We offer happiness to all of our customers.

MNE Co., Ltd., since its incorporation in 2002, is a company that focused on research and
development, manufacturing and sales only of the most advanced industrial and highly value
added seals. We have already attained high level of reputation in the industry as well as being
highlighted as the best company in Korea with several patents and technologies we hold.

We succeeded in winning the trust of the market after having undergone countless failures, trial
and error by competing with foreign made products under the business environment filled with
distrust for Korean made products and poor surrounding environment at the time. As such, we
have become a leading company in our industry in opening the doors to the future growth
businesses including semiconductor, display and OLED, etc.

Without being conceited, we are striving to return happiness to our customers through full
satisfaction of our products we achieved in developing by means of reduction in cost,
improvement of qualities and profit values by proudly competing with those manufactured by
foreign company on the basis of the experiences and know-how we accumulated thus far.

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