Always makes customer’s happiness our future value

Company History

Since 2002Following are the footsteps that MNE has taken in the past along with our customers
  • 2019

    Selected as Youth-friendly Hidden Champion

  • 2018

    ·ISO 9001 / 14001 (quality, environment, management system) certification
    ·Construction begun for the second factory within the Majang Industrial Complex
    in Icheon, Gyeonggi Province

  • 2017

    ·Reacquisition of certification of promising small-and-medium-sized businessesin Gyeonggi Province
    ·Patent filed for the production of 2 COLOR O-RING

  • 2016

    ·Commercialization and sale of LSR injected products
    ·Augmentation of monthly-manufacture CAPA 200K equipment

  • 2015

    ·Awarded SERVE ONE certificate of contribution in relation to LGD components
    ·Reacquisition of INNO BIZ certification for technical small-and-medium-sized businesses

  • 2014

    ·Construction and transfer to new company building in Giheung, Yongin City, Gyeonggi-do
    ·Use of C&C-manufactured liquid injection machine

  • 2012

    ·Designated as honest tax paying company (Gyeonggi-do)
    ·Use of 3-dimensional measurement equipment

  • 2010

    ·First to introduce ERP System to manufacturing line in the same industry in Korea
    ·Received meritorious service award on Partner’s day by SK HYNIX

  • 2009

    ·Commencement of supply of CMP parts to Samsung Semiconductor
    ·Designated as an excellent partner of SK HYNIX
    ·Complete installation of LCD-exclusive line and initiation of operation

  • 2007

    ·First successful local production of 300mm membrane (import substitution effect)
    ·Registered as a partner of LGD
    ·Rated first among semiconductor component partners of SK HYNIX
    ·Relocation to SK Technopark in Seongnam

  • 2006

    ·Registration of NANOPURE trademark
    ·Certification and small and medium INNO-BIZ company
    ·Initiated supply of perfluoroelastomer base material to 3M

  • 2005

    ·Approved by Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology, technology laboratory founded
    ·Acquisition of ISO 14001 Certification (International Quality Certification Institute)

  • 2003

    ·Acquisition of ISO 9001 Certificate for the Seal manufacturing and development division
    (ISC KOREA Certification Institute)
    ·Warehousing of R&D equipment and newly established subsidiary research center of the company

  • 2002

    ·Incorporation of MNE Co., Ltd. (2002.10.24)
    ·Exclusive contract with SOLVAY for perfluoroelastomer base materials
    ·Registered as semiconductor partner of SK HYNIX