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    MNE's unique pride!

    There are various welfare benefits for employees who are alive with challenges and passion and are ambitious.

    4 major insurances

    To protect against various threats such as injury/disease/old age/unemployment/death, we subscribe to 4 major insurance and accident insurance.

    Retirement pension system

    We operate a retirement pension system to ensure employees' lives in their old age.

    Implementation of summer vacation system

    To relieve fatigue and increase work motivation, employees are given time to enjoy with their families.

    Congratulatory & condolatory leave and related payments

    In order to share the joy and sorrow of employees when congratulatory or condolatory events occur, we grant congratulatory and condolatory leave and provide congratulatory and condolence funds.


    Workshops are held at least once a year to promote friendship among employees and improve physical strength.

    Gifts for Birthday & Holidays

    We provide gifts with sincerity to our employees on happy holidays and birthdays.

    Summer vacation system

    Various reward systems are implemented to boost the morale of employees.

    Employee Loan System

    Provides interest-free support for employees' living and housing funds.