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    Corporate Management Philosophy : Pursuit of happiness, value creation, world's best

    We aim to be a respected company that contributes to customers, shareholders, and the nation and society based on the corporate management philosophy of 'pursuit of happiness, creation of value, and the world's best'.

    Accordingly, we enact the Ethics Charter as a standard of conduct to faithfully fulfill our corporate social responsibility and our original role, and declare that we will abide by it.


    We abide by domestic and international laws and regulations, and pursue an ethical company that practices rational and transparent management.


    We realize customer value creation by meeting customer needs and expectations.


    We pursue maximization of shareholder value through fair and efficient management.


    We fulfill our social responsibilities and obligations as members of the local community and contribute to the development of the nation and human society.


    We strive to create a bright and healthy corporate culture by establishing fair competition and fair trade order.


    We pursue the best talent company, and provide equal and fair opportunities for self-realization and a safe and pleasant working environment to executives and employees.”