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    Leading technology and research determine the yield of semiconductor processing.

    01 Overview What is an O-ring?


    • The most used seal among seals
    • Applicable to any part for fixed, reciprocating, and rotational use
    • Excellent economic feasibility, variety of specifications (More than 4,000 types)
    • O-ring specifications are defined based on inner diameter and thickness (mm or inch)

    패킹용 고무O-Ring

    패킹용 고무O-Ring

    패킹용 고무O-Ring

    02 Characteristics


    It is assembled in the groove and comes into contact with the SLIDING SURFACE by compression, and has sealing power by repulsive elasticity.
    The O-ring is compressed at the same time as assembly to automatically form a sealing force and has a long lifespan, especially when it is used for fixing.

    03 applied role


    The sealing material installed in the semiconductor production equipment is a precise part and is typically made by casting with an elastic material or processing with plastic, and is designed to form a barrier in the passage of fluid or gas in the equipment or parts used. BARRIER or SEALING ACTION is achieved by the characteristics of the SEALING material that closely adheres to the SEALING surface. It should not stick to the sealing surface and maintain its original performance for a certain period of time when subjected to periodic movement, aging, temperature, and pressure chemical exposure.


    Field of use

    Slit Valve

    Critical sealing area

    Area using static seal

    Area using static seal exposed to process gases


    Etch and CVD

    (Chemical Vapor Deposition)


    05 Structure and shape

    Structure & Shape